Forest Focus - November 16, 1998

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Comment on Lamb Brook-

I am very familiar with the Lamb Brook Area. It is NOT this pristine
"wilderness area", preservationists make it out to be. There are existing
trails and roads (a class 4 town rd.) throughout this area. These trails are
used by ATV's, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, hikers, hunters, etc...

Yes black bear do use the area, they also use an orchard down the mountain,
on a town road within 200' of an occupied house. The bears never left the
area after the construction of windmills on an abutting property, in fact
they were seen going into the area during active construction. A moose would
also wander around while construction was taking place.

I have more birds here, than ever before. I've never heard very many birds
in a "wilderness area", the habitat doesn't suit them.

There are already 2 other wilderness areas on the Green Mtn National Forest
in Southern Vermont,,we do not need a third.

What I'd like to know is where do you preservationist get your writing
materials, I assume you use paper? Do you live in wooden houses? Do you
consume fossil fuels? Do you have more than 2 children? Where are they going
to live? In a house or some dark, cold, cave?
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>REMINDERS:  The comment deadline on the Headwaters HCP
>Agreement is today and the comment deadline on listing the lynx is
>LAMB BROOK ACCESS DENIED:  Vermont's Lamb Brook area of
>the Green Mountain National Forest has been spared from immediate
>logging and road construction.  The environmental community won an
>injunction because the Forest Service's Environmental Assesment was
>determined to be "arbitrary and capricious."  However, the battle to
>keep the Lamb Brook wild is not over.  The Forest Service is
>continuing its Environmental Impact Statement with the goal of
>extensive roadbuilding and timber harvests in this critical habitat for
>black bears and neo-tropical songbirds.  For more information please
>contact the Native Forest Network at 802/863-0571 or
>nfnena at
>DAM REMOVAL:  The Clinton administration and environmentalists
>agree that it is time to remove some dams in the Pacific Northwest to
>meet the needs of endangered salmon, but they must overcome Sen.
>Slade Gorton's (R-WA) opposition, reports Associated Press.  The
>Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered the Edwards Dam in
>Maine removed under a law requiring that energy needs be assessed in
>comparison to environmental protection.  Gorton fears a similar fate of
>dams in the Northwest and has stalled dam removal by withholding
>funds in the House Interior Appropriations subcommitte for the Elwha
>Dam removal.  "What he's done is basically try to hold the Elwha Dam
>issue hostage," said Shawn Cantrell of Friends of the Earth.  Scientists
>and federal officials believe that the removal of some dams is essential
>to restore endangered salmon stocks.
>BAT STALLS LOGGING:  Logging in Ohio's Wayne National Forest
>has been stalled because of the discovery of the endangered Indiana bat,
>reports Associated Press.  Environmental challenges to the Wayne
>National Forest Plan have put plans for two timber sales on hold for
>the past two years, but a recent Supreme Court decision upheld the
>right to log these sales, saying that opponents had to wait until a
>specific timber sale was proposed.  The Buckeye Forest Council and
>Heartwood have said they will sue if the Forest Service does not find a
>way protect the Indiana Bat.
>SIERRA TASK FORCE:  Environmental groups have joined forces to
>create the Ancient Forest Task Force in response to the Quincy
>Logging Rider passed by Congress. The coalition will try to prevent
>permanent damage to the 2.5 million acres of public forest lands in the
>Plumas, Lassen, and Tahoe National Forests targeted for logging.  "We
>still have opportunities to stop this train wreck," said Scott Hoffman
>Black of trhe Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign.  "We can still
>prevent the environmental damage and 70 million dollar taxpayer
>giveaway to Sierra Pacific Industries through the current environmental
>review process, through the courts, and if necessary, timber sale by
>timber sale."  For more information please contact Evelyn Stivers at
>916/442-3155 x216 or sierra_campaign at
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