flodding in Central America

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Of coarse most of those hillsides were cleared to grow food or raise cattle to
meet basic needs that most americans take for granted.  But I guess that is
what these "informed" newsgroups are for.

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> When I first heard about the flooding, caused by a hurricane, I
> suspected that the real cause was deforestation. Now I see in the lead
> editorial of my local paper that this in fact was the case. Areas where
> the rain forest was NOT harvested on the hillsides did not get flooded.
> But of course, we DARE NOT challenge those SACRED "PROPERTY RIGHTS" of
> those hillside landowners, the local aristocrats; by insisting that all
> logging be done under the direction of professional foresters. Heck no.
> Who cares if thousands died in the flooding. None of the aristocrats
> died, they have their mansions up on safe ground.
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