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Zimbabwe Orders Seizure of Farms

By ANGUS SHAW Associated Press Writer

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - Zimbabwe's government reiterated orders to seize
hundreds of white-owned farms, breaking a promise delay the planned
confiscations, a farmers' group said Wednesday.

The mostly white owners of 841 farms have begun receiving government
orders to hand over their land, which covers a total of about 5.3
million acres, said Nick Swanepoel, head of the Commercial Farmers'

One year ago, President Robert Mugabe's government released a list of
1,471 white-owned farms it wanted to nationalize. The move brought harsh
international criticism and caused a severe economic downturn.

Then, at a conference with international donors in September, Zimbabwe
removed 512 farms from the list, and made arrangements to buy 118

The government agreed to wait two years before pursuing the remaining
841 properties. Farmers say the latest order violates that agreement.

Government offices were closed by a national strike Wednesday and
officials could not be reached for comment.

About 4,000 whites own roughly one-third of the southern African
nation's most productive land.

Since independence in 1980, about 70,000 black families have been
resettled on former white-owned farms, but the program has been plagued
by delays, mismanagement and corruption, with some properties going to
politicians and their cronies.

Western donors and international financial institutions are concerned
that the land seizure could disrupt food production and bring further
harm to the nation's crumbling economy.

Wednesday's strike, the second in a series of weekly shutdowns, brought
businesses and factories to a standstill around the country to protest
soaring prices and alleged government mismanagement.

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Poster's comments:

 Joe, is this what you have in mind for land reform? This is an
environmental and economic disaster in the making here. Danny "the child
molester" Ortega and his Sandys did the same thing in Nicaragua. They
seized the land, but somehow forgot they were supposed to give it to the
peasants. Land titles down there were screwed up for years.  I'm not
sure it's been straightened out yet.

Capitalism has it's flaws, but this is no way to solve them. Kind of
hard to justify long term forestry management if the government might
seize everything tomorrow.

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