flodding in Central America

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Nov 19 05:01:06 EST 1998

Warren Lang wrote:

>  Joe, is this what you have in mind for land reform? This is an
> environmental and economic disaster in the making here. Danny "the child
> molester" Ortega and his Sandys did the same thing in Nicaragua. They
> seized the land, but somehow forgot they were supposed to give it to the
> peasants. Land titles down there were screwed up for years.  I'm not
> sure it's been straightened out yet.
> Capitalism has it's flaws, but this is no way to solve them. Kind of
> hard to justify long term forestry management if the government might
> seize everything tomorrow.

So what's YOUR solution to prevent the kind of disaster that just
occurred in Central America? And how would you like to be a peasant in a
country in which a tiny percent of the people owned almost everything?

And why is it that the forestry profession, by and large, is far to the
right of Newt Gingrich? <G>

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