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>FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, November 16, 1998


>SIERRA TASK FORCE:  Environmental groups have joined forces to
>create the Ancient Forest Task Force in response to the Quincy
>Logging Rider passed by Congress. The coalition will try to prevent
>permanent damage to the 2.5 million acres of public forest lands in the
>Plumas, Lassen, and Tahoe National Forests targeted for logging.  "We
>still have opportunities to stop this train wreck," said Scott Hoffman
>Black of trhe Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign.  "We can still
>prevent the environmental damage and 70 million dollar taxpayer
>giveaway to Sierra Pacific Industries through the current environmental
>review process, through the courts, and if necessary, timber sale by
>timber sale."  For more information please contact Evelyn Stivers at
>916/442-3155 x216 or sierra_campaign at


Well, Steve... I'll bet you're pretty smart, living there in Washington,
D.C., knowing all about what's going on all over the nation. And with a name
like American Lands, you must represent lots and lots of folks, who I'm sure
you'll insist must remain anonymous. Hey I've got an idea! Why don't you
publish you're list of directors, and some financial statments? Let's see
where  your bread comes from! But enough generic bashing, lets talk about
the QLG! (Not the Quincy Logging Rider, you ignoramus!)

What's the QLG?
It's the Quincy Library Group.
And mainline enviro groups are scared spitless about it.

Why are the multinational eco-lobbiests (sp?) so scared?

Because they were NOT calling the shots from D.C.!!!  It's local folks
concerned with local welfare, achieving a balance between the desire to
preserve and desire to conserve. Folks got together and came up with
acceptable forest management. Something EVERYONE (local) could live with,
oops, except the big multi-national eco-groups. The local SC rep, as well as
other interested parties got together. Even the local forester from the
eeeevil timberland owners had an equal voice. (Imagine that)

I'll bet you don't have a clue what the Sierra mixed conifer ecosystem is
like; how the indians used fire to manage stands, to prune them, to kill
unwanted competitor species, to clean out brush, to prepare the ground for
planting, to enhance seed and nut production, to enhance fiber for baskets
and clothing... You see they weren't the dumb ol' hunter gatherers that the
your 6th grade teacher taught you about. They had a detailed knowledge of
their environment AND they manipulated it!

Presently the SMC forest is in bad shape because of fire exclusion. We can
either reintroduce fires (by moving residents out of the hills like the
Khmer-Rouge did in Cambodia...and excellent example of socialism in action)
or we can mimic fire with harvesting activities. Once the biomass is back to
natural successional levels, then low-intensity fire can be reintroduced.

You see if things are solved locally, then the big eco-groups are out in the
cold. Nobody needs you. You get no money, and you'll have to work for
living, hopefully by producing something other than lawsuits!  All you folks
want to do is control folks that live up in the mountains to suit your
big-city ways. You seem only interested in STOPPING things. I'd speculate
that it was due to some deeply held Druid-like belief, but that's another
thread, huh?

regards to the group (thanks for letting me vent)
-Arne Hultgren, RPF
Mt. Shasta, Calif.

>Steve Holmer
>Campaign Coordinator
>American Lands
>726 7th Street, SE
>Washington, D.C. 20003

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