Environmental management: improving the role of community participation

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Re: new web resource - <a
href="http://nrm.massey.ac.nz/changelinks/"><b>NRM_changelinks: a guide
to managing change for environment, land, water ...</b></a><p>

The practice of involving people and communities and building collaborative
environmental partnerships requires not only a specialist knowledge of the
particular area (agroforestry, riparian management,biodiversity, etc.), but
also skills in a diverse range of areas from information management through
to conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving.

The NRM_changelinks web site <a
lin ks/</b></a> has been designed as a practical resource for natural
resource managers, NGO's, scientists, academics, community leaders and others
working to help communities identify and adopt more sustainable environmental

The site provides a guide to a range of information, tips and techniques in
fields such as adaptive management, participatory
monitoring and evaluation, conflict resolution, partnership development,
collaborative problem solving, decision support, action research, information
management and collaborative/organisational learning. It also shows how the
application of these areas are interlinked in practice. Collectively these
approaches are suitable for those working in a wide range of areas such as
rural development, conservation, biodiversity, water, agriculture, etc.

Another section in this site shows how to make the most of the Internet for
sharing information, networking, decision support and learning. A guide is
provided for those who are interested in developing their own web presence
... particularly aimed at showing how this can be done easily and at very
little cost. Links are also provided to international job opportunities in
the area of environment and development.

Feedback, suggestions for improvement and new links are encouraged.

Willy Allen

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