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>Just curious, but in what ways has the QLG asked to be granted
>exemptions from existing laws? This seems to be the core issue.

I'm not sure of the specifics, to be honest.  In general, more
timber production, but the exact specifics as to how they've
increased production in the plan are unknown to me.  It involves,
again in general, relaxing watershed protection requirements and
the like.  

The timber interests could care less about local planning.  They've
attempted to get restrictions overturned directly so timber managers
at the USFS, who would love to increase the cut, could do so.  This
has failed.  The QLG gives them an end-around because they can argue
"local control" rather than "get rid of on-the-ground protections
for wildlife and water quality".

If the QLG had recommended a plan that increased wildlife protection
over Forest Plans put together by the traditional USFS-only 
process, do you honestly believe the timber industry would be out
there supporting local control?

>It might be worth having QLG become a testing ground for it's method of
>gathering local input for decision making. It's not as if we've been so
>professionally serviced by the USFS.

I think it might be great, if they were contrained to working
within the law.  Get groups together, say "OK, we're required to
work within the following constraints", and let them put together
a plan that does so.  

>And I'm sure that the QLG recognizes that federal land belongs to all of
>us; but being local- they do know the land and it's problems.

An emphasis on timber production and the removal of barriers to
timber production are the result of that experiment, which is why
the issue's in Congress.  

We already know that locals overwhelmingly seek increased timber
production, we don't really need QLG-type groups to tell us so.


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