Forest Focus - November 16, 1998

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> Presently the SMC forest is in bad shape because of fire exclusion. We
> either reintroduce fires (by moving residents out of the hills like the
> Khmer-Rouge did in Cambodia...and excellent example of socialism in
> or we can mimic fire with harvesting activities. Once the biomass is back
> natural successional levels, then low-intensity fire can be reintroduced.
> regards to the group (thanks for letting me vent)
> -Arne Hultgren, RPF
> Mt. Shasta, Calif.

Right onj, bro!! Why preserve an unpreservable and unnatural tinderbox!!
Man has created this eco-system in crisis and man has to be allowed to
"fix" it. Otherwise, Mother Nature will surely "correct" this unnatural
condition in ways that "preservationists" will cry over.
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