flodding in Central America

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Joe you really have your head up your ass with some of your comments. It
would appear you have never been outside the USA to see what the rest of the
world is up to. I'm on company hold to go fly relief in Central America with
a Huey. I have been spraying clear cuts in the PNW and have some idea of
forestry stuff as well as extensive experience in 3rd world countries. Your
blaming a few for the ills of many just doesn't ring true and smacks of
ignorance. With that, I'll close my conservative comments. -- Rocky Kemp --
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> >
> > Of coarse most of those hillsides were cleared to grow food or raise cattle
> > meet basic needs that most americans take for granted.  But I guess that is
> > what these "informed" newsgroups are for.
> >
> So what's your point? If clearing the hillsides will cause thousands to
> die from mudslides (all poor people too); then perhaps they should find
> other land to grow food; like those humongous estates of the ultra rich
> and THEIR golf courses. Or maybe the rubber and/or tea plantations owned
> by the rich to grow stuff to export to build more mansions and buy
> Mercedes.
> Joe Zorzin

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