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>Its actually pretty hard to get redwood pictures except at a distance.

I've not looked at the photo, but in general to photograph much of a tree
in a stand with other trees requires the use of VERY wide-angle lenses.  So,
Staples is right in that assessment.   This doesn't mean he's right in his
presumption that this was done to exaggerate their importance in the photo
by perspective distortion.  

The alternative to a wide-angle lens is, in forested stands, the chainsaw.
Cut down the things in the way so you can back off.  Then, of course, you
get stumps in the foreground.  So the answer is - move close to remove other
trees etc from view, then shoot very wide to show the whole tree.

Standard shooter stuff, has nothing to do with forests, forestry, or forest
politics.  A photojournalist does the same in a crowd when he or she wishes
to shoot a central figure - crowd past everyone else until you're close, then
shoot wide to get the person in the frame.  I've done this myself in informal
situations (I'm not a professional photojournalist).  Shooters pick lenses
and positions suitable for making a strong photograph.  

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