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Sun Nov 22 10:48:53 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:
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> Mike Hagen  <mhagen at> wrote:
> >Its actually pretty hard to get redwood pictures except at a distance.
> I've not looked at the photo, but in general to photograph much of a tree
> in a stand with other trees requires the use of VERY wide-angle lenses.  So,
> Staples is right in that assessment.   This doesn't mean he's right in his
> presumption that this was done to exaggerate their importance in the photo
> by perspective distortion.

Biased assumption again, Baccus,  my point was that it appears to be a
second growth forest, not "thousands of years old" and the wide angle
lens accentuates the diameters of the nearby trees, look at the size of
the leaves on the small growth near the two largest stems. Was it done
intentionally are just done and not noted?  I don't care to comment, but
the idea presented by the photo is that this is the "old growth" of the
Headwaters.  The diameter of the stem the young lady is looking at is
about what, 5 feet?, above the butt swell.  Others more familiar with
the management of west coast forests have indicated that the appearance
is of second growth.

My presumption was that it is second growth.

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