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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, November 23, 1998 
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SACRED SITES PROTECTED:  The Kalapooya Sacred Circle Alliance (KSCA)
recently won litigation which will allow them access to over 8,000 Forest
Service documents regarding known cultural and archeological sites in the
Willamette National Forest.  The KSCA sought the preservation documents
under the Freedom of Information Act, but the Forest Service failed to
comply with its mandates.  KSCA is currently focusing its efforts on
enforcing federal cultural preservation and sacred site statutes on the
Willamette National Forest.  "Currently, logging and road building
activities on National Forest Lands have degraded sites held sacred by
various indigenous peoples," said Attorney Lauren Regan.  "This is in direct
contradiction with the federal laws which hold the Forest Service
responsible for preserving and protecting historic and cultural materials
that serve as a crucial link to the past."  For more information please
contact Carol Logan at the Kalapooya Sacred Circle Alliance at 541/726-8854.

EASTERN OLD GROWTH SAVED:  A recent alert concerning the Big Choga region of
the Nantahala was outdated.    The Western North Carolina Alliance and the
Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition were successfully able to protect the
old growth area in negotiations with the Forest Service.   Letters  to
Elizabeth Estill, Regional Forester, US Forest Service, 1720 Peachtree Rd.
NW, Atlanta, GA 30367, should thank her for protecting the old growth in the
Big Choga region.

FEDERAL FORESTLAND CERTIFICATION:  The National Working Group of the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) recently issued a moratorium on certifying Forest
Service, BLM, and other federally- owned forestlands.  The FSC is the most
credible system of forest product "ecolabelling," and is the only system to
provide audits by independent third-party certifiers using objective,
performance based standards.  "Existing FSC-approved certification standards
were developed with private lands in mind and do not protect roadless areas,
require much restoration of habitat for endangered species, or meet other
critical public lands goals," said American Lands' Daniel Hall.  The new FSC
federal lands policy states that a number of conditions would have to be met
before federal lands could be certified by FSC accredited certifiers,
including public consensus about appropriate logging levels and development
of appropriate certification standards.  For more information please contact
Daniel Hall at 503/978-0511 or wafcfbp at

ESA TRAINING:  Join the Wetland's Endangered Species Action Team for two
training workshops in New York City in December, led by GREEN's Robin
Eiseman.  Tuesday, December 1 is the Endangered Species Campaign Update and
Sunday, December 6 is Skills to Defend Endangered Species.  Please contact
Adam Weissman at wetlandsesa at or 212/966-4225 for more
information and directions.

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