forester licensing regs in Massachusetts, they SUCK <G>

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Wed Nov 25 18:03:38 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich wrote:
> KMorrisD wrote:
> > The result is either no licensing, or PHONEY licensing like we have proposed
> > here in MA.  From what I saw recently on the PA consultants' website, it looks
> > like they're about in the same situation as MA.
> >
> > Karl Davies
> Actually, PA is behind MA as far as licensing goes.  We have no license
> requirements, and I know of no proposal before our legislature.

And one doesn't have to think too hard to conclude that the forestry
profession is a phony profession; professional only in the sense that
you probably need a college degree.

But REAL professions, most of them, have licensing, and most professions
have situations that REQUIRE those licenses professionals; and forestry
just happens to have one of the lowest income levels of ANY profession.
So, is it even a profession at all? Without the money and social status
of a profession, how is it a profession? Cab drivers and garbage
collectors also consider themselves to be professionals at what they do.
What's a REAL profession? One that act like one and lives like one; and
in that sense forestry is a loser. And the main culprit is the fact that
there isn't any leadership in this profession. Those at the top don't
give a dam about the rest of us. They have their sinecures. The rest of
us be dammed.

However, of course, the "leadership" loves to brag about it's
accomplishments. Read the article by the National Assoc. of State
Foresters in their speech to Congress in which the conclusion says, "The
USDA Forest Service and the State Foresters have a long relationship
that includes many successes. NASF believes that the Forest Service has
played an important role in history of American forestry, and with
proper and clear guidance from Congress and state legislatures that it
will continue to be leader in forestry and land management." What a
crock of blow hards. <G>

BTW, on the PA Council of Professional Foresters web site at, click on the button for "legislative
issues" and you'll see that the subject of forester licensing is under
consideration, at least by that group.

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