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Wed Nov 25 17:45:34 EST 1998

Langrrr at wrote:

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> > It may well be that the person who took the photo and posted
> > it was lost. :)
> > --
> That's a snide remark, related, I presume, to the unfortunate death of David
> "Gypsy" Chain.  His death, of course, was not the fault of PALCO, but due to
> his own choices.
>  - Andrew Langer

Did Chain choose to die? He chose to trespass as an act of civil
disobedience. Are you so unaware of American history to know that civil
disobedience is as American as apple pie? Since when is trespassing
punishable by death? That was no suicide mission. The loggers knew the
trespassers were there and proceeded to drop the tree any ways. No doubt
the loggers will go free, and their defense will be "property rights";
the most holy of holyies- which I think is full of holes.

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