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> >My presumption was that it is second growth.
> I have no way of knowing the history of the stand in the
> photo, but all parties in the dispute acknowledge that the
> headwaters forest is old-growth.

Flatly untrue, and at the very heart of the debate over the situation.

> It would certainly be in
> the interests of the timber company owning the land to point
> out that it's not, if it's not, wouldn't it?  They've had
> years to make that point yet fail to do so...

Not true again, in the slightest.  PALCO has continuously asserted that the
Virgin, old-growth timber amounts to something on the order of 4500 acres,
which they have set aside now.	The 60,000 acres Earth First and others want
is NOT old growth.

Oh, and speaking of compromise, Don, EF is a great model to look at:  No
Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!.

> It may well be that the person who took the photo and posted
> it was lost. :)
> --

That's a snide remark, related, I presume, to the unfortunate death of David
"Gypsy" Chain.	His death, of course, was not the fault of PALCO, but due to
his own choices.

 - Andrew Langer

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