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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, November 24, 1998 
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BILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE:  A newly released government report shows that
timber sales on the National Forests lost  $1.05 billion from 1995-1997.  A
previous General Accounting Office (GAO) report concluded the agency lost
$995 million from 1992-94.  After spending $1.2 billion in on timber sales
over the three year period, only $157 million was returned the Treasury.
The vast majority of the money was kept by the Forest Service in various
off-budget funds.  "GAO's audit confirms once again that taxpayers pay a
huge price to subsidize commercial logging of our National Forests," said
Rep. George Miller (D-CA) who requested the study.  "The current system
provides a perverse incentive for the Forest Service to promote timber sales
to provide funds to support agency operations."  A copy of Distribution of
Timber Sales Receipts, 1995-1997 (GAO/RCED-99-24) can be obtained by calling
202/512-6000 or at

CHILEAN CHIPPING:  Native Forest Network, Northern Rockies Preservation
Project, and local citizens staged rally at Boise Cascade's Corporate
Headquarters on November 17 protesting their plans to launch a massive wood
chipping scheme in Chile.  The joint venture Cascada Chile project would
turn intact, biologically diverse native Chilean forests into wood chips and
oriented strand board for export from a new facility to be built at Bahia
Ilque.  "We are rallying today in solidarity with Chilean citizens," said
Phil Knight of the Native Forest Network.  "Chileans are extremely concerned
with the potential impacts of the Cascada Chile project on their forests and
their economy."  For more information please contact Native Forest Network
at 406/542-7343 or nfn at

BUY NOTHING DAYS:  This weekend, Friday November 27-Sunday November 29,
protest corporate power by boycotting America's shopping malls.  New York
City's Wetlands Preserve is organizing these demonstrations to raise greater
consumer awareness.  Shopping malls provide an outlet for huge corporations
to sell unethical products and this weekend is the perfect time to make your
voice heard by boycotting the malls near you.  For more information call
Wetlands Preserve at 212/386-3600.

BLACK HILLS SALE WITHDRAWN:  The Rocky Mountain Regional Forester has
instructed the Black Hills National Forest to "include a more substantive
economic impact analysis" in its analysis of the Cub Timber Sale, says
Forest Guardians Frontline News.  Forest Guardians pressured the Forest
Service to broaden their economic analysis to include the negative impacts
of timber sales on non-timber uses such as recreation, soils and water, and
wildlife species, as well as benefits of standing forests to these uses.
The agency continues to maintain that not cutting public forests results in
no benefit to the American public and in fact is detrimental.  The Cub
timber sale would log 4.3 million board feet of timber, build 1 mile of new
roads, reconstruct nearly 45 miles of roadways, and obliterate nine miles in
order to "reduce the overall road density" in the area.  For more
information, contact Forest Guardians, jhorning at, 505/988-9126.

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