Johannes Gutenberg

KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Sun Nov 29 14:02:36 EST 1998

Mike Hagen <mhagen at> wrote:

>That's all well and good but 
>a) SAF has a private list for members which is where they'll go for "serious"
>discussions" if they get razzed too much

What's this?  The "santum santorum?"  I didn't know, but I should have guessed.

>b) the heat seems to be on for the USFS, but I strongly suspect, there aren't
>too many of them in the SAF. The org is much bigger among state and private
>foresters where membership is expected for career advancement.

Well, we need to be taking all this stuff to our local priests, as well as the
higher-ups in Rome, er, Washington.

>c) the rank and file still can't read newsgroups or voice opinions. They'll
>a Congressman down on their backs!

And some bishop would file a petition to have them excommunicated. <G>  Hmmm, I
wonder if they have one in the works for me?


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