Forest Focus - November 24, 1998

Larry Harrell fotoware at
Sun Nov 29 20:42:19 EST 1998

Lots of money can be saved by putting most of the Timber staffs (Sale
Administrators, Timber marking crews, Layout Foresters, Timber clerks,
etc.) on seasonal duty, taking away their benefits and preparing all timber
sales in bulk at each Forest's Supervisor's office. Since much of the
logging season is only 6 months anyway, why keep these people on the doles,
i mean the roles, all year long. During the winter, many of these permanent
employees just hang out in the office, pretending to work on sale contracts
for 4 months when they should only take a scant few weeks. Restandardizing
all timber sale contracts instead of using the old (1973) A, B and C
clauses that are quite outdated. 

The same could be said about the fire organization in the USFS. The
high-priced big-wigs do very little during the winter as well. What
services do we really need during the winter from the USFS???????

I would like to see some USFS permanents defend themselves from this and
prove their worth in being a full-time, year-round employee. Would they
still take the job as a TEMP!?!? "Playing" on the computer, trying to learn
Autocad doesn't count! Permanents always seem to take care of their own by
still keeping them on year-round when there is barely even "busy work" to
do. There is plenty of "real work" to do outdoors if they get off their fat
butts and slog through wet brush or deep snow. I'm sure there are plenty of
slash piles that could be burned with some effort and with little danger of

Just some ideas about how unfair and inefficient the USFS is. Feel free to
speak up and present some ideas of your own.
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