bounced out of saf-news and proud of it

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Nov 30 08:51:04 EST 1998

I was just informed by the dragon lady of saf-news that I have been
locked out of their phony baloney tea party forester club. I had already

The first time I had been warned, it was because I used the word "hell".
The final evil deed of mine was that I implied someone was a sycophant
of the logging industry- which of course was true.

The SAF is a good example of what's wrong with America. It's an elite
social club which pretends that is is concerned with the profession when
what it's really concerned with is all those yuppie jobs and how to kiss
butt to get them. Daring to go in there and discuss the REALITY of
forestry in America is a no-no.

And as I've said over and over again; forestry in America is a failure.
The USFS and many state forestry agencies are near collapse and much of
the private land forestry in the country- isn't. Most private land
harvesting is still being done without good silviculture.

But don't mention these things to that tea party SAF. Just talk about
your fancy research that isn't worth the paper it's printed on; and of
course be sure to attach "PhD" after your name and the name of your alma
mater. And if anyone calls you a sycophant, go crying to the dragon lady
and she'll protect you from any politically conscious forester by
locking that bad boy out of the tea party.

The forestry profession in many ways is psychotic; as the foresters
major concern is climbing their way up the social/economic ladder- with
little real concern for forests- and getting there without ever having
to get any mud on their boots; and never admitting all the real problems
that exist out their in the forest economy; if they even know about
them, which in fact they don't know.

It's this clawing for success, so typical of the SAF, that has resulted
in America's ever increasing disparity in wealth; as some succeed in
scams of one sort or another to suck wealth in their direction; while
those who really do the work are focusing on their trade and honesty;
while those sycophants suck up to the successful waiting their turn to
step on those "fools" doing the real work of the world.

The SAF is a fraud. And I am proud to have been locked out. Who needs

Joe Zorzin, Professional Mud Forester
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