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dr. digger no.damn.spam at digger`s.farm
Thu Oct 1 04:58:59 EST 1998

hanson at quick.net wrote:

> >(dr. digger) wrote:
> > Why are you so eager to destroy Mars?
> > Mars is as pristine as the Earth was a million years ago, and it
> > should be kept that way.  Just because the Earth has already been
> > raped by mankind, does not mean we should do the same to Mars.
> > dr. digger
> One says "go" the other one, the enviro-ET says "don't". Man, can't you green
> turds get your shit straight?. Yeah, have at each other! This is great!
> But I must ask good old dr. digger:
> Why can I not go? Do you own more of Mars than I do? What green arrogance!
> Seems to me that at the moment you and me own equal shares, (if any at all).

This is called "begging the question".

> So, if you want me to leave Mars alone then buy me out first.
> Send me the money. After your payments have satisfied me, then
> 1. I may leave Mars alone and you can leave it alone too if you so wish or,
> 2. You could go to Mars as quickly as possible and demonstrate that you and
> your ilk can do a "better" job with it, then "we" did with earth. Don't forget


Where have I heard that before?

Got ILK?

> to take all terrestrial green turds along and also all the lawyers who did
> hijack 91% of the Superfund money. You two (groups) deserve each other, in the

False disinformation.  The lawyers only got 75% of the Superfund.

> most prophetic sense. But leave geriatric Amos Keppler here, we enjoy his
> ridiculous side-show entertainment.

You can keep "Famous" Amos Kettler.  

You're welcome.
> However, if in classic green turd fashion, you are too cheap to buy me out,
> then I will go there first, terraform Mars and take a big, fat shit there and
> pollute to my heart's content, making more money all the time.
> So, what's it gonna be, dr. digger: Your green money or my martian shit?.

Your colonialistic anthrocentrism is showing.  What makes you think
that humans, or any earth-based beings, own an interest in Mars?  Mars
is what it is.  Mars is for Martians.  If you can find any, then you
can negotiate with them.  Otherwise, keep your dirty planet-raping
hands off.

I'm not buying any of that "common heritage of all mankind" shit,
either, like with Jimmy Carter divvying up the Moon with the UN.  Mars
isn't an Earth satellite, it's co-equal with Earth.

We humans have no birthright that allows us to meddle with the natural
Gaian balance of Mars or any other planet.  Deal with it.

dr. digger

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