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Enter To Win - Visit http://www.appsdata.com to enter our monthly
software giveaway (look for the entry icon in the upper right corner of
our home page). October's software is a versatile and easy to use
mapping program that can be used for numerous business and personal
applications. Enter the drawing to win a free copy and buy one for a
friend or outfit your sales force! 

Street Wizard from Adept Computer Solutions (a $42.99
value) can help you locate addresses and places anywhere in the U.S.
With a database of over 30 million streets, highway, freeways and
interstates, plus 1 million points of interest, Street Wizard is
powerful enough to locate any street address or noteworthy spot anywhere
in America. You simply type in the address. StreetWizard finds it,
highlights it, and zooms in to show a close up of the surrounding area,
prints directions, and figures efficient routes. Its perfect for
planning trips, making certain you don't get lost on the way to business
appointments, or just for the fun of exploring the country from your

Your Desktop Marketing Department - This month's featured data product
is MarketPlace from IMarket. Quite simply this is the most powerful
business-to-business marketing tool we have ever seen. It's like having
a $500,000 database marketing resource right inside your personal
computer! MarketPlace lets you easily access the same Dun & Bradstreet
marketing database of over 100 million U.S. businesses that big
companies get via
mainframe or special contracts. To get an idea of all the things you can
do with MarketPlace visit http://www.AppaData.com/data/ for a
description of functions and features.

If You're New To AppsData -  Finding mapping applications and data sets
for your favorite desktop mapping software just became a whole lot
easier. The goal of AppsData is to be the one stop store for users to
find superior products and services from reputable application
developers, data
providers, and GIS/GPS consultants.

Associates Program Unveiled

AppsData now offers the opportunity for other web sites to join us
in selling the finest desktop mapping software, data and training
products. Join the AppsData Associate Program and earn a referral fee on
every visitor to your site that makes a purchase at AppsData. Adding the
AppsData link to your Web site is an easy way to make it more valuable
to your visitors while increasing repeat visits to your site.  As an
AppsData Associate, you can earn more and your visitors get more.  It's
a win-win for everyone; and such an easy shopping experience that  your
visitors will enjoy and in turn make profitable for you.  Best of all 
it's free to join, so there's nothing to lose and so much to gain.

For more information, or to join, visit -

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