New Poll Shows 69% of Americans Want to End Logging on Public Lands

rootsman at rootsman at
Thu Oct 1 10:10:51 EST 1998

Doug Watson wrote:

>Do 69% of Americans want houses out of wood, paper, material, etc?
>Doug Watson

Where does it say that anyone doesn't?  You're setting up a false
dichotomy.  Please don't be intellectually lazy, actually think about
what zero cut says instead of parroting the timber industry b.s.  Did
you hear anyone say that ALL logging should be banned EVERYWHERE?  No.
Does the zero cut postition say that ALL logging should be banned
EVERYWHERE?  No.  Is there any environmentalist out there who thinks
that we can live without any wood?  No.  Please try not to jump to
conclusions.  Zero cut is about ending logging on public lands.  Logging
produces a small fraction of the total dollars from National Forests,
but the FS and the timber companies don't like to admit it, and they
keep acting like they should have first priority.

 I don't think that we should be able to walk around shooting people,
does that mean that I think every gun in the country should be
destroyed?  No, they'd have to start with mine.

Just because I don't think people should leave their cars running all
the time or drive around hitting people doesn't mean that I think all
cars should be banned.

Just because a person doesn't think that public lands should be
destroyed to generate profits for private companies doesn't mean that we
should do without any wood.

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