WALL: David Chain - A Perspective (fwd)

Bob Taylor rtaylor at ns.net
Thu Oct 1 23:57:28 EST 1998

Nicholas Wilson wrote:

> "mike & reda" <bydove at zoomnet.net> WROTE:
> >you are a freaking bafoon and do nothing but encourage those who are not
> >aware of the extreme danger found in the logging industry to risk injury and
> >death for nothing. Try wipeing your ass on some plastic or corn cobs and
> >living in a cave or rock house
> The above is a fine example of the moronic thinking
> encouraged by timber industry PR companies that leads to
> hatred and violence directed at nonviolent forest activists.

And who was it who prepared the "Ecofucker" list that motivated Ted Kascynski to
bomb the California Forestry Association?

Bob Taylor

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