Homicide of David Chain

Richard Bossard rbossard at compunetix.com
Fri Oct 2 16:33:29 EST 1998

Nicholas Wilson <nwilson at mcn.org> wrote in article
<361457a9$0$26080 at nntp1.ba.best.com>...
During the chain
> sawing, the protestors could not interact with A.E., due to
> the noise, and were waiting for the chain saw to stop to try
> to persuade A.E. one last time to stop cutting the trees.
> The protestors all sat in a circle, without an inkling that
> A.E. was cutting down a tree on top of them. No one,
> including Zoe, who was above both the group and A.E., heard
> A.E. yell any warning that a tree was about to fall.

Isn't the noise of a chainsaw running nearby a *pretty* good clue that a
tree is about to fall in the general area?? Especially when you are in the
woods and know that loggers are nearby? Are these protesters so clueless
that they can't even figure that out?


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