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  nwilson at mcn.org (Nicholas Wilson) wrote:
> The world is down to the last 3-4% left of undisturbed wild
> redwood forest.
> Timber corporations, including Pacific Lumber,
> claim they grow trees for harvest. Fine; so let them cut
> only the trees they have grown, and leave standing the tiny
> amount of wild forest which survives.

Generally, I truly despise green turds.
However, here is an issue, where I must close ranks with them, if, repeat IF,
it is true that we are down to <5% old growth. If so, then I must ask first:

1) Why can't they use re-grown wood to make Jacuzzi decks and other trivial
applications; why is "old" wood necessary? Is this just a stupid example
Wilson concocted?. Seems to me that there must be very compelling reasons to
sacrifice the last 5% of anything which never can be replaced.

2) What is so valuable with and about these old growth trees in general, that
commerce "must" lay its hands on it? Give me another reason than "greed". And
DON'T tell me that there is no other reason!!

3) Why aren't green organizations and/or green Billionaires (i.e Turner/Fonda
& Redford) buying up these last 5% and solve the (bloody) problem for good?
This type of folk, all have a loud green mouths. Why don't they put some of
their money where their mouths are? Propose to rename what they buy into i.e.
Old Growth Sierra Club Ridge, Redford Redwoods, Turner Headwaters to entice

4) Why hasn't this old growth caught the interest of the rich art collector
community? It is far more beautiful, more unique, irreplaceable and thus would
be a better investment than some fuck'n cubist Picasso canvasses.

However, I have the sneaky, uneasy feeling that there is something to/in this
sordid forest story which hasn't been told yet. There simply can't be that
much emotion involved in over what has been said so far, by BOTH sides. So,
what the fuck is it ? What's the little dirty secret, you bastards? Come on,
cough it up!


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