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thanks a lot,
Viviane Mahé

Ian Staples a écrit:

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> Now following up to myself:
> When I gave these URLs:
> >P.S. Hmm... yes people do seems to have done a bit of work on this
> >one. See: for
> >chemical data.
> >Also see: for the
> >myriads of ethnobotanical uses.
> I thought I was being helpful, pointing folk directly to the sources
> of info on _Melia azedarach_.  But when I tried to go back there this
> evening I discovered that there is more to this WWW business than meets
> the eye.  All I got was an error message! :-(
> So it seems you will have to go through the hoops yourself if you
> want to have a squiz at this info.  Start at:
> and work your way through the search procedures.
> Cheers,  Ian S.
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