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> I'm not buying any of that "common heritage of all mankind" shit,
> either, like with Jimmy Carter divvying up the Moon with the UN.  Mars
> isn't an Earth satellite, it's co-equal with Earth.
> We humans have no birthright that allows us to meddle with the natural
> Gaian balance of Mars or any other planet.  Deal with it.

Your Gaja and Evolution's MO give an utter, total and flying shit, whether or
what you, the enviros or all of mankind thinks. G&E don't heed nor observe
your declaration of "no birth right for meddling". G&E don't care about
Carter's feelings of "common heritage of all mankind". G&E is totally
utilitarian. We have no idea what G&E's goals are or whereto it's heading
for. It just tries everything at its disposal and did so for the last ~ 3.8
Ba here on earth.

You don't have to "deal with it". "it" will deal with you, if, when and how it
wants to do so. Whether you like it or not. You have nothing to say in the
"management" of G&E's MO.

We are not wired very well to look "up", forward and into greater schemes. But
we are good at looking "down", pass judgment on things and conjecture. Mostly
wrong tough.
Just as with the bacteria or viri which invade you randomly. The fuck'n bugs
don't care whether they have a birthright to give you a disease. For them it
business as usual: Eat and multiply. Kill or be killed.

And you, my human friend, do in essence still pretty much the same. Perhaps
you are even "condemned" to do so by your very make up. To make matters
worse, you have immense difficulties to admit to that. It's that "superior
intelligence and goodness" thing which gets in the way.

You know, it is very likely that, that "god and bible" stuff created your
dilemma. But then maybe, that too could be a part of the MO I was taking

How in the fuck should I know?. You deal with it...


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