timber theft, forester licensing is needed

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri Oct 2 06:33:27 EST 1998

Dennis McKenney wrote:

> I note that nationally this problem has been getting much more attention and
> some states have actually put individuals behind bars following conviction.
> Wow, what a change. Here in NH they ignore the problem and the 'skill' gets
> passed down to the next generation. I regularly  get the one finger salute
> from some such individuals.

Here in Mass. timber thieves are pursued, brought to court and punished.
Some get away with it, but we are a state with an overabundance of
lawyers. Actually, many of these cases are settled out of court.

Landowners that are actively involved with professional foresters are
less likely to have a timber theft problem, since the forester will keep
the bounds well painted and posted which is the best discouragement.
When I paint bounds, I use Nelson red boudary paint and put vast
quantities of it up, facing in all directions. Nobody could claim they
didn't' see it.


Joseph Zorzin

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