New Poll Shows 69% of Americans Want to End Logging on Public Lands

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> >Nor am I for clearcutting. But
> >at this time, the abundance of Douglas fir root rot, which is responsible for
> >more old- growth tree death each year than clearcutting has reached epidemic
> >proportions. And the _only_ known method to control this fungus is to
> >clearcut the affected land and replant with hardwoods, which typically have
> >far less value than softwoods locally.
> Daniel,
> Excuse my `back east` ignorance.  How did clearcutting lead to this situation?

Clearcutting creates a large amount of woody debris. This debris is perfect
for growing Fomes annotosum, aka Douglas fir root rot.

> Are significant areas being clearcut and replanted to hardwoods?

I don't know of any, although the incidents of Fomes annotosum noted by
members of the Oregon Mycological Society are increasing.

> species?

I'm not sure I understand this question Karl. I don't know of any hardwood
species which are susceptible to Fomes annotosum: it appears to be specific to

> Any chance of growing hybrid chestnuts on these sites?  And creating some
> really profitable agroforestry systems (timber, nuts, truffles)?
There is only one place where I've seen chestnuts thriving: on Larch Mountain
near Corbett above 1,000 feet. Evidently the seed needs higher elevations and
hard freezes to germinate. As far as truffles go, the truffles I've found with
chestnut are so unusual that no one knows their edibility. One species I've
found 3 times there has only been reported 7 times, ever. It's difficult to
determine edibility if you don't know what you're looking at. Or at least,
that's my opinion. I have a healthy respect for the diversity of fungi. I like
to collect something several times before I try eating it even once. And even
then, I like to get a second, third and fourth opinion if possible.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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