the state of Mass. goes into siege mode!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Oct 4 03:58:56 EST 1998


As most of you know by now, I and Karl Davies have been involved in a
"cyberwar" against the state of Mass. forestry agency, exposing their
rot to the planet via cyberspace; sending messages to the forestry
newsgroups, CCing to others outside the groups such as foresters,
landowners, Mass. forestry bureaucrats, Mass. legislators, and others.

So, now, Karl and I have been locked out of the state's email system-
our messages do not get passed the state's net server's "postmaster".
After several hours, the postmaster bounces the messages back to us with
only a message that our message cannot be delivered- so no messages can
get through to the Bureau of Forestry or the politicians.

We will wait a few days to confirm this lockout. If it turns out to be
true, I think we all need to do something about this, collectively. We
will need support from the forestry cyber community on this. They can't
lock all of you out. We will provide you here with names of select
forestry bureaucrats and Mass. politicians so you can try emailing them,
protesting our having been locked out, and demanding an investigation.

Today it's us, tomorrow it could be you when you decide to use this
powerful tool in YOUR struggles.

Is this America or Nazi Germany?

Joseph Zorzin, Yankee Forestmeister
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Henry David Thoreau
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