the state of Mass. goes into siege mode!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Oct 4 19:08:44 EST 1998

KMorrisD wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:
> >So, now, Karl and I have been locked out of the state's email system-
> >our messages do not get passed the state's net server's "postmaster".
> Joe and I joke about storming `The Castle` as in Kafka's novel of that name
> about the nightmare of bureaucracy.  Now it seems they've pulled up the
> drawbridge. <G>
> >We
> >will need support from the forestry cyber community on this. They can't
> >lock all of you out.
> Joe, how about a `Green Badge of Honor` for all those who manage to get locked
> out?  You know, something nice to hang on the wall along with all your other
> credentials. <G>

Yes, good idea. Twenty years from now having that badge will be very,
very cool- like having a picture of yourself at Woodstock. <G>

> Karl


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