A Proposal for Federal Forest Trusts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 5 02:53:57 EST 1998

KMorrisD wrote:
>  Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:
> >Better? Wow things must be REALLY bad in the USFS. <G>
> >
> Well, most eastern state lands, like MA, are not state TRUST lands.  That's an
> important distinction.  Trust lands are managed for specific beneficiaries,
> like school systems.  So they have to be financially accountable.  The trust
> legal structure also makes them much less subject to political pressures.  You
> have to read the article.

State land here in Taxachusetts is managed for the benefit of the state
bureaucracy. Karl and I hereby challenge anyone to debate us on this

Well, we've both just been locked out of the entire state email system,
both burros and politicians. They seem to think they can lock out the
truth, that their "Castle" isn't porous. What they are really doing of
course is suffocating themselves in that castle, with their failed
thinking and failed system. They are terrified of a couple of guys with
no resources other than an internet connection, and of course non
lobotomized brains.


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