New Poll Shows 69% of Americans Want to End Logging on Public Lands

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Mon Oct 5 01:18:49 EST 1998

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> possibly if we turned the harvested area into *putting greens* instead of
> expending tax dollars on reforestation and perpetuating the cycle of
> harvest and outrage.......

Well, it's not saving me any tax dollars.  The BLM has 40 acres of timber 
right down the road from me.  As you know, the federal gummint doesn't 
pay any local taxes, so my neighbors and I get stuck providing fire 
protection and emergency services on it.  

I think the feds have somwhere around 900,000 acres of timber in my 
county.  If you're gonna turn all that into a tree museum, who is 
supposed to pay for it?
> save paradise...put up a parking lot?

If all the RV drivers want a parking lot they should pay for it, along 
with police patrols, water and sanitation, garbage collection and roads.

You're going to end up subsidizing the forests no matter what you do.  As 
long as you send my county $10 million a year, you can have all the free 
trees you want.

-- Larry

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