Dear Forester Staples

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Sun Oct 4 21:43:49 EST 1998

My name is John and I am doing a survey on the information foresters may
have and how much they understand trees.  The test is not about you its
about what people are taught about trees to become a forester.  Please
do not be offended. I was hoping you would help me out by answering
these questions as simply as you can.  Thanks,  and if you need the
answers let me know.


1. What is a tree?

2. Why are trees like big batteries?

3. Animals are regenerating and trees are generating systems.

What does this mean?

4. What parts do trees shed?

5. What do boundaries that form after wounding do?

6. What are reaction zones and barrier zones?

7. What usually determines the diameter of a trunk hollow?

8. Define compartmentalization.

9. What is CODIT?

10. What do the 4 walls in CODIT do?

11. What happens at the base of dying branches?

12. Why are stubs harmful?

13. What are branch and trunk collars?

14. What is the branch bark ridge?

15. Why are flush cuts so harmful?

16. Contrast callus and woundwood.

17. How do most deep internal cracks start?

18. What is wood?

19. What is xylem?

20. What are parenchyma cells?

21. What are the symplast and apoplast?

22. What do they do?

23. What is heartwood? Protection wood?

24. What are the major features of diffuse-porous wood?

25. What are the major features of ring-porous wood?

26. Name at least 5 each, ring and diffuse-porous trees.

27. What are the major features of conifer wood?

28. What is bark?

29. What is phloem?

30. What is the cortex?

31. What is the cambial zone?

32. What are meristems?

33. How do trees grow?

34. What are wood rays and phloem rays?

35. Describe 4 major activities of woody roots.

36. Name at least 3 differences between woody roots and stems.

37. Describe non-woody roots.

38. What are root hairs?

39. What are mycorrhizae?

40. What does chlorophyll in leaves do?

41. What are buds?

42. How does new growth start in spring?

43. What are flowers?

44. What are seeds? fruits?

45. Contrast monocots and dicots.

46. Give some unique features of tropical trees.

47. What are the unique features of palms?

48. Give at least 10 benefits trees get from their associates.

49. What is soil?

50. Contrast photosynthesis and respiration.

51. What are the 5 major ways trees use energy?

52. What are the major elements for life?

53. What are fertilizers?

54. What are the 3 basic ways organisms die?

55. What is decay?

56. What are forests?

If you have trouble with any of the questions, maybe
you need to see TREE BASICS!


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