Forest Focus - October 5, 1998

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 6 04:55:01 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:

> A well-balanced view of our forests needs to be taught in our schools.
> --

With the focus on "well-balanced". We need both manage forests and
wilderness. Perhaps this should also be taught in forestry schools!

When I went to forestry school at U. Mass. back in the Woodstock days,
NEVER was there ANY mention of wilderness, or National Parks, or
anything but how to get out the wood; taught by very old professors.
I've noticed in the past several years, as I drop by the Natural
Resources building on campus that things have improved. I see posters of
wildlife up on the walls- and I sense that the old "timber beast" type
training is gone. However I now think what they are they are trying to
produce is "future forestry bureaucrats", expert at shuffling papers
around, but who won't have a clue about silviculture, the core of

What forestry schools SHOULD be producing is silviculturalists who are
very much aware of the impact of their decisions on the non monetary
values of nature; the intangibles, that show that humans are not just
another high powered predator, feasting off nature, but a spiritual
creature. It is possible to both get out the wood, while contemplaing
H.D. Thoreau; believe it or not. <G>

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