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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 6 05:01:02 EST 1998

RandyFulle wrote:
> Sounds to me like a student just out of Dr. Alex Shigo's class in basic forest
> pathology.

Shigo is a great contributor to our profession. His research is just
about the ONLY forestry research I've seen in decades that is REALLY
useful EVERY day. I saw him give a talk- and believe it or not- he gave
the talk out in a forest, not at all typicl of the usual bullshit
lectures given by forestry bureaucrats and professors! Can you imagine?
It was up in the Green Mountain National Forest, where he diced up a
tree to show us how the "discoloration and decay" moved through the tree
over time. Whenever I mark timber I think about his work.


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