censorship in Massachusetts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 6 07:29:40 EST 1998

Karl Davies and I and a few others have been locked out of the entire
state of Mass. email system that controls all email sent to all state
agencies and all state politicians.

I guess we are considered too dangerous for them; having broken the rule
that no forester is ever supposed to use his/her frontal lobes- it's

All our messages get returned with some idiot message from the
"postmaster" just saying that the message cannot be delivered.

This is censorship- it's unAmerican and against our civil liberties.
Yes, maybe they have a right to shut us off from the state employees,
since we might infect them with our frontal lobe usage, but they sure
the hell can't shut us off from our elected politicians.

Anyone who'd like to support us on this, please send a message to the
postmaster at postmaster at state.ma.us, indicating that you insist that
they unlock us from the system, and that you insist that they give an
explanation of what this is all about.

Also, cc the message to Karl and I, and to the governor at
goffice at state.ma.us

If your message gets bounced, please let us know. The bouncing takes
anywhere from 2-24 hours. We still don't yet know if the entire system
is down, but I doubt it. Most system administrators can fix a system in
hours, not days; but then again this is a bureaucracy. <G>

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