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Tue Oct 6 15:50:00 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:

> Sounds like the work of service foresters. Duh... they won't LIKE this.
> My burro is already terrified of losing his job as a result of all the
> truth that Karl Davies and I have brought forth into the consciousness
> of Mass. foresters. Not that they didn't' already know the stuff; they
> were and are in denial. <G>

As in, the consultants doing the work, isn't that what your calling for?
> >
> > This workshop is a cooperative effort between the Chapter and the
> > Division of Forestry which has not always enjoyed positive relations.
> Heck, I wonder why? <G> The unterforesters sit down with their
> uberforesters. Be sure to salute your superiors and overseers. Heil
> Uberforester! (click heals)


> He won't after he finds out that Don Staples has been bad mouthing him,
> and he - a fellow southern Bubba. <G>

I am of the opinion that one voice on the net wont make it to the White
House, or the governors mansion.

> >

cut for brevity
> Don, are those your words or the ACF's words? If your words, fine - we
> already know where you stand on this. But the ACF shouldn't be sounding
> political about this because a lot of foresters in this country aren't
> going to agree with that statement, politically speaking. It's an
> interpretation of the events and there is another side to the story.

A lot of foresters in this country don't agree with you, should you keep
silent?  We have seen the other side of the story, murder, homicide, and
other judgement calls from afar, including the Vermont Chapter of the
Sierra Club, right out there on the front lines in California.

These words, as indicated in the post, were on the ACF Update.  It is my
policy (for me alone) to not get political on bionet.agroforestry. 
Unless absolutely necessary.

> > In actuality this was a tragic accident.  Rather than blame the logger
> > for Chain's death, it is Earth First! and the Sierra Club that should
> > be blamed.  These organizations are fully aware of the fact that
> > logging operations are no place to play around in, yet they encourage
> > their  young impressionable followers into harms way.  Now the
> > ultimate sacrifice has been made, and an unnecessary martyr exists for
> > these groups to draw more attention to their actions.
> That's right, don't blame the idiot loggers who were too stupid to call
> the cops; blame some enviro groups; yuh, right, Don. This right wing,
> redneck point of view is NOT the opinion of most people in this country
> and probably not most foresters; so the ACF should keep it's trap shut
> on the politics of the situation. 

As Spock would say: "fascinating" that you think the ACF shoud "keep
it's trap shut" on a subject that no one else has, and that the ACF
should not commentate on a political situation.  You, the oberstpolotik
of the Massachusetts foresters.  Take a poll, see what the people of
this country think, rather than what you think. For that matter, we have
a number of foresters that speak on these two groups.  What do they say?

> The main reason forestry is not a
> glowing success in America is because it's too dam backwards, in it's
> reactionary thinking; and everybody but the forestry community knows it.
> It's such reactionary thinking that causes my brain dead state to lock
> me and Karl out of it's email servers; they are so terrified of what we
> have to say. But when we find out who did it, that clown will be looking
> for a new job.

Again, as Spock: Fascinating that you are complaining about being locked
out of the political side, and yet you would silence the ACF.

> >
> >
> > This week members and others began receiving brochures describing two
> > upcoming PFIT courses to be offered in December.
> >
> > Inadvertently, the PFIT's brochure announcing the Successful Ownership
> > Transition Course did not include the location of the course.  This two
> > day seminar will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Sheraton
> > Airport Plaza Hotel.  This is the same location and same time as the
> > Managing Your Business Course.
> >
> > If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the
> > National Office.

Not Don Staples, but the National Office of the ACF.

> Don's foolish critique of Clinton built into his signature deleted. <G>

A quote from your hero, Joe, the last not so great liberal president.
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