WALL: Time tells of the Headwaters tragedy

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Wed Oct 7 09:53:46 EST 1998

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> duh.... OK, let's compare 2 robbers. One robs an apple from a street
> vendor, and one robs a bank. They are both robberies. Yes, Clinton
> committed perjury and should be punished accordingly.

It may seem shocking to the innocents, but people commit perjury all the 
time in the USA and nobody thinks a thing of it.  In fact, it's pretty 
much expected.  Remember "Tobacco isn't addictive?"
> But the hard ass right wingers can't wait to destroy the president over
> this issue. And the constitution talks about "high crimes and
> misdemeanors" and it's a real stretch that they would condone
> impeachment over lying about his womanizing. The right wingers are just
> foaming at the mouth over this like a pack of rabid wolves. Their
> pushing for impeachement is far more disgusting than Clinton's
> womanizing. 

Don't worry about it, Joe.  Clinton will be long out of office before the 
impeachment process ever gets anywhere.  Since he can't run for a third 
term, the whole thing is just a drum that they can beat all the way to 
the 2000 elections.  There is a good chance it will backfire and the 
general public will just toss the Republicans out.

Be prepared for months of deadly dull hearings, followed by a detour 
throught the federal courts to settle the question of whether this is in 
fact an instance of perjury.  You see, most states require a lie to 
materially affect the outcome of a trial before it meets the test of 
perjury.  Since the Paula Jones suit was thrown out on grounds unrelated 
to Clinton's conduct, any lies he told couldn't be tried as perjury.

Any lawyer worth his pay could stretch this thing out for 10 years.  By 
that time it will just be advertising for the next Playboy serialization 
of Clinton's memoirs.

> What they don't understand is that this getting back for the
> liberals driving out Nixon, will continue forever- a "Hatfield and
> McCoys"- the table will turn, there will be a Republican president and a
> Democratic Congress, and the game will continue. Republicans like to
> brag about their high moral principals- if so, they should let this
> rest. Clinton has already been publicly humiliated and is the laughing
> stock of the planet. That's enough punishment for his crimes. Taking out
> a president is overkill- and it will backfire. There's still a lot more
> liberals in this country, many who don't vote- but when push comes to
> shove, you'll be surprised at how much power there is latent in the
> liberal camp. Destroy Clinton, and it will be the worse thing to happen
> to the Republicans since Nixon, and having personally attended the
> Watergate Cover-up Trial in '74- I don't think we need that repeated.

The American people are remarkably tolerant of crimes among their 
leaders.  Staple's own guv, Georgie Jr., walked away with over $15 
million of the public's money while his daddy was Prez.  It didn't stop 
Texas from electing him.  Of course, Billy Sol Estes sort of set the tone 
for Texas politics.  If you want an honest politician you have to go to 
New York ... no, wait, maybe Chicago ... oh to hell with it.

There is a big positive side to this whole scandal, though.  It has done 
wonders for the awareness of oral sex in America.  It's about time men 
got their share of foreplay, don't you think?

-- Larry

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