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Hydratwo wrote:
> >Loggers Kill Earth First! Activist
> >From: Langrrr at aol.com
> >How so?  By cutting down trees?  Then how come there is more forest land in
> >the United States now than at any other time?

NOT TRUE, that sounds like a Limbaughism. <G>

> Is this the quality of forest that it was at one point in time? Heard this on
> Limbaughs show, although he points out that there IS more forest than 100 years
> ago, where the hell is it? Just in my small town in Pennsylvania, used to have
> access to forest all the time within minutes, now development and private
> property make access for my kids almost impossible near here.  There are many
> high quality forests in PA that our Gov Ridge has not screwed up yet.
> One point (see www.21commission.gov, I think), is that there is a plan to
> export cherry from state lands to Ireland (amoung other foreign areas). The
> replanting may not result in the high quality which existed before the planned
> clear cutting. So consider that the area of forest in comparison to 100 years
> ago should at least describe what was and is there.

In the NE USE, planting is seldom needed or justified- forests will
reseed themselves. Some species like cherry need heavy cutting because
they are shade intolerant; so on a good cherry site, you need to have
clearcuts to get more cherry, which will seed in abundantly. But those
clearcuts can be quite small, as little as half an acre- which we
foresters would call a "patch clearcut" not to be confused with the
massive clearcuts out west.

Right now, cherry is at a premium price which is why everyone's talking
about it, and it's high because of the export market. And the cherry in
PA is some of the finest anywhere.

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