censorship in Massachusetts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Oct 7 03:18:21 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> >
> > Karl Davies and I and a few others have been locked out of the entire
> > state of Mass. email system that controls all email sent to all state
> > agencies and all state politicians.
> >
> Joe, perhaps time to move to a new level, ACLU comes to mind.

Well, if we did that we probably wouldn't mention it here, I can only
imagine what the forestry profession thinks of THOSE commy pinkos. <G>

But we're tough enough and smart enough to outwit the pinheads around
here who have done this; the lame excuse for leadership in the
burro-ocracies and/or legislature. If we find out it was a burro, that
burro is in deep trouble. I'll personally fight for his/her termination
from the gravy train. <G>

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