average homes per average acre of forest harvest?

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Thu Oct 8 16:48:18 EST 1998


I was wondering if anyone there
can give a rough ball park answer to the following question
(or can it be answered since there is a lot more uses
to a wood than homes):
On the average, how many homes in  California (or the US)
are built from the wood harvested from an average
acre of forest?

Or, if you don't have that information,
would you know, on the average, how many
board feet of wood is harvested from the average
acre of forest?

What is the difference between the amount
havested from a virgin forest and a second growth forest?
Between a clear cut and a selected cut?

And how many board feet of wood is required to build
an average home here?  I'm actually not sure what
is considered to be an average sized home in California,
maybe 2000 square feet?

John S. Watson

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