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Thu Oct 8 01:27:02 EST 1998

I think a lot of people would really like to see all wolverines shot
into outer space.  However, that is probably an over reaction.

I recall a book by a Swedish guy who set up a sort of sanctuary for
wolverines and kept them as pets.  Being Mustellidae, big weasels, they
probably pong a bit and eat a lot.  As a glutton or karkajou is the
Indian word? they seem to be vicious killers able to plan and hunt the
hunter then eat all day when there's food available.  I'd be interested
to know how many wolverines there are in N. America as I never hear of
the animal, about the size of an alsatian or big badger I believe with
no natural predator except bears, here in the UK.  

The real point of my response is that if there is no space for
wolverines in N. America/Alaska there isn't room anywhere and they will
be bound to die out.  Being a fearsome critter stars can't cuddle I also
doubt anyone will take up their case.   

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