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> Hello!
> I'm working with fieldstudies of fungal and bacterial activity in soil.
> Now I would like to keep soil bacterium-free and fungus-free
> respectively in order to study the pure fungal or bacterial activity.
> This seems to be tricky and my first thoughts involve addition of
> specific antibiotics, however I doubt they will stay in my soil-samples
> for any longer period of time.
> Has anybody some suggestion how to keep soil free from bacteria and
> fungi respectively?
> Sincerely,
> David Hagerberg

Hi David.

I don't know how to rid soil of bacteria. Probably simple soil sterilization
by heat would work (200 degree C for 30 minutes). This also kills _all_
fungus I'm aware of, since most soil fungi die at temperatures of about
110-120 degrees.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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