New Poll Shows 69% of Americans Want to End Logging on Public Lands

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Oct 10 04:09:10 EST 1998

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <19981007020858.03740.00004948 at>,
> phadruig at says...
> > From where I sit, it looks to me like the push to totally shut down logging on
> > public lands will succeed.
> Not likely while the Republicans control both houses of congress.

Just like there will be no other progress, like reform of the Medical
Mafia, nor further reduction in the military spending, etc.- for the
same reason. But, if big banks or the Dow Jones needs bailing out, ....
hey, that's what rich people buy Republican politicians for.

> Even if they shut down logging completely, it would only be temporary.
> Give it a couple decades and the environmentalists would be agitating to
> log areas to open them up for wildlife.  Most federal holdings are in the
> west, and confier forests are pretty sterile places not suitable for most
> species of wildlife.

Certainly not true if allowed to return to primeval conditions.


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