average homes per average acre of forest harvest?

Wudman69 wudman69 at aol.com
Sat Oct 10 18:14:04 EST 1998

>From: Ted Kegebein 

>In rough ball park figures from South Georgia:
>The average clear cut is about 30 years old.
>It contains about 30 cords of sawlogs (Chip-n-Saw) and 5 cords of

Oh son.......Let's put a little bit of management into this forest!!!  Assuming
that you thin about 10 cords out of this stand (per acre) and clearcut 35 cords
at age 30, this stand is only growing 1 1/2 cords/acre per year.  Those south
Georgia stands with intensive management can produce close to four cords per
acre per year.  (Unfortunately, 1 1/2 cords per acre per year is about the norm
for private non-industrial land.)

Jeff Watts
Waverly, VA 

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