The Truth About "Green Wood" - Statement by Maine Green Party to Certification Board

Ted Kegebein kegebein at
Sat Oct 10 19:41:21 EST 1998

> In summary, however,
> > education,
> > conservation, higher stocking levels, and the development of alternative
> > 
> > fiber sources for papermaking represent credible strategies to reduce
> > pressure on our natural forests. Converting more acreage to plantations
> > will clearly increase pressure on natural forests, and the ecosystems
> > they
> > support.
> It might also less the pressure, because of the greater efficiency of
> the plantations. Just as greater farm efficiency resulted in millions of
> farms being abandoned, efficient forest plantations will do the same
> thing.
Excellent point, Joseph. 

And I forgive your reference to our SE "boring" plantations :)

Ted Kegebein
South Georgian

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