average homes per average acre of forest harvest?

John J. Chilcote twojayc at foothill.net
Sat Oct 10 12:19:34 EST 1998

zswatson at my-dejanews.com wrote in message
<6vjbv2$ve$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>...
>I was wondering if anyone there
>can give a rough ball park answer to the following question
>(or can it be answered since there is a lot more uses
>to a wood than homes):
>On the average, how many homes in  California (or the US)
>are built from the wood harvested from an average
>acre of forest?

Sounds as if you are a Californian so you might log onto one of your local
websites such as:

the California Forestry Association's - California Forests Online (with its
soothing outdoors audio background) at > http://www.foresthealth.org/
the California Forest Products Commission at > http://www.calforests.org/

They both have good email responses to inquiries such as yours.

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