Christmas tree growers newsgroup?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Oct 11 01:29:53 EST 1998

Forest-Tek wrote:
> My neighbor has a small Christmas tree nursery.  The other day he asked if I
> knew of any newsgroups or web pages pertaining to this.
> I only know of a few web sites that list newsgroups.  And have been unable
> to find anything on Christmas tree plantations / nurseries specifically.
> Any information or at least a shove in the right direction would be
> appreciated.  I'm sure that he would even be happy with a group or even a
> web page that occasionally mentions x-mas tree nurseries / plantations.
> Thanks in advance,

That's probably too narrow a subject for a newsgroup, but this newsgroup
and alt.forestry are just fine for almost anything to do with trees and
sophisticated political arguments. <G>

I'm sure many people have stuff in their web pages about Christmas
trees. I'm sure somebody here will point out some.


"The first forestry web page in  Massachusetts."

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