average homes per average acre of forest harvest?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Oct 11 01:27:54 EST 1998

Wudman69 wrote:
> >From: Ted Kegebein
> >In rough ball park figures from South Georgia:
> >The average clear cut is about 30 years old.
> >It contains about 30 cords of sawlogs (Chip-n-Saw) and 5 cords of
> >pulpwood.
> Oh son.......Let's put a little bit of management into this forest!!!  Assuming
> that you thin about 10 cords out of this stand (per acre) and clearcut 35 cords
> at age 30, this stand is only growing 1 1/2 cords/acre per year.  Those south
> Georgia stands with intensive management can produce close to four cords per
> acre per year.  (Unfortunately, 1 1/2 cords per acre per year is about the norm
> for private non-industrial land.)
> Jeff Watts
> Waverly, VA

Yes, that's what I want to hear, a case for SILVICULUTRE, the ancient
technique that if used, can solve much of the forestry problems of
today- giving us higher productivity and higher value growth- rather
than the simplistic clearcutting, then clearcut again umpteen decades


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